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Reaching and engaging with your customers and target audience through social media is vital to any business but it’s often time consuming and distracts from other key aspects of the business.

Thats why you need my services


I host regular small group workshops on the following subjects:

- How to use Instagram for Business

- How to use Facebook for Business

- How to create a social media strategy for your business 

For details of the upcoming courses, or to enquire about a private session get in touch or check my social channels.



£35 for 1hr group session 

£149 for 1hr one to one session


Done With You Services

Prefer a little more help along the way with targeted problems you're facing?   Then my 'done with you' package is for you.

- Initial 30min video call to discuss your needs and agree deliverables.

- 1hr 'hands on' training session according to your needs

- 30mins Follow up  2 weeks later to revisit the topic and cover anything else that might crop up.



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I”m a wife, mother and freelance social media manager.⁣

I used to work in the financial industry but found I was always more interested in the people and community behind the data and regulations.⁣

I love that I now use my passion to connect people and help small businesses scale through their online presence⁣

Really – it’s like I’ve swapped my ‘water cooler chats’ for online comments and DM’s.⁣


How to Grow Your Instagram Account

How to Grow Your Instagram Account

While there is no right or wrong way to grow your account I believe following an organic (ie not paid for) strategy is the best way to find followers who will connect with you, engage with your content, and ultimately become clients.
With this in mind, and to celebrate their 10 years here are 10 steps to help you work with the Instagram algorithm to grow your account.

From Our Clients

Alanah has definitely been a shining star on showing me the way with Instagram.

She took me from no knowledge to having a beautiful grid and 300 followers in just over a month. To say I am amazed at the growth and impact I am able to have on Instagram, is a complete understatement. Let alone I am having fun in the process. I am making great connects that are enabling me to spread brand awareness and visibility.

Alanah in my eyes is a must if you want to raise the profile of your business on Social Media.

Louise Lithgow-Dicker


This challenge will move you from being an Instagram ‘Beginner’ to an ‘Intermediate’!

Even though I have been on Instagram with my business for 6 months, I learnt so much from Alanah that I didn’t know, and as a result my engagement and followers have already increased.

Rachel Tyrell

Director, Cricketers Gin

Even for someone who has used Facebook for a while, you will learn something new!

Anne Thame

Alanah gave me some social media training for a specific client – it was a great session, I came out feeling really energised and well-equipped for what I need to do over the coming months. Her style is relaxed and straight-forward and I felt like I got a lot out of a short session. Recommended.”

Emma Weiss

Virtual Assistant / VPA / Marketing Coordinator

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