All About me

Do you feel like your competitors seem to know exactly what to post and when?

Do their follower numbers seem to be skyrocketing 🚀 whilst yours are chugging along like the slow train to nowhere 🚂?

I like nothing more than working with small businesses who recognise that now is the time to get serious and raise the game on their social media marketing but they’re not sure where to start, are time poor and overwhelmed by the jargon.

I worked in Financial Services for about 15 years and was lucky enough to work all across the globe but, regardless of which country or department I was in, I always seemed to fall into the role of department trainer.

Maybe because I was an early adopter of ideas or because of my ability to break things down into simple steps but it was probably inevitable that when I changed careers and retrained in Social Media I have found that what I enjoy most is passing on what I’ve learnt to help other grow their business.

So, whether it’s time for you to REALLY understand how to take advantage of all features on Facebook or Instagram or you recognise its time to be strategic and create a plan how to post content that connects with your perfect client – get in touch today and lets get that train back on track.

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