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Social media can be daunting.  The mere mention of the term ‘content plan’ and most business owners go blank.

When you’re running your own business and need to deliver your product or service as well as managing all the back office and admin tasks, it can be overwhelming to think you need to come up with engaging posts for your various channels on a daily basis.  

I often work with small business owners to help them evolve their social media skills and am often surprised by how many approach this part of their business without a strategy. Considering social media and a strong online presence is a great way to scale your business, it’s interesting that we seem to consider it as something on the to-do list rather than a strategic activity that should be prioritised and carefully planned. 

So, based on the type of feedback I often hear from smaller businesses, here are my 5 reasons why you need to write your own content plan:

1.   You need clarity, even when you’re still a really small business

Lots of micro businesses think complex social media plans are only for big corporates or household-name brands. Well, they are, but a simple plan is still something you will definitely benefit from.

The main reason social media feels so overwhelming and is so time consuming is because, without a plan, you are continually starting right back at square one. Even as you scroll through Facebook, your mind is not clear about the messages you should be sharing. It simply feels too daunting to try to work through that thought process on the hop and so you don’t post. You’ll do it next week, right?


2.   Content Planning will mean your time is better utilised

With a plan, you already know your focus for the next few posts so you are in the right frame of mind to write them, prepare them and even schedule them ahead of when you want to go live. Initially, this might only be two or three posts a week but planning ahead will mean you get them done even more quickly.

If you allow a small amount of time for planning, as opposed to scrolling and worrying, you’ll find it’s easier to see your progress and, at the end of it, you’ll have posts you can share quickly and easily.


3.   Creating a content plan is a great habit to get into

If your business is in its infancy, there’s even more reason to start as you mean to go on. Getting into the habit of planning, creating a template that you can use week in, week out (and, if you’re feeling really efficient, adding some measurements so you can track performance of posts) will stand you in really good stead as your business grows and you need to increase your online activity.

Blocking out time can help with building a new working habit. Try protecting one or two hours a week, always at the same time, to plan and prepare social content. It’ll soon be set in stone and you won’t think twice about doing it because it’s become a habit.


4.   Having a content plan will help you be consistent

One of the ways to ensure you are successful with your online activity is to aim for consistency. This means posting regularly, establishing a clear brand identity (through the way you write ands the imagery you use) and engaging with others as well as sharing your own content.

By having a plan, you allow yourself to be consistent. You might develop templates for your posts, which saves even more time in the long run, and, because you put aside a block of time to create a series of posts, rather than scattergun posting the odd update here and there, you will be more recognisable to your audience.


5.   You’ll become known more quickly

This is an extension to the point above really. Posting and engaging regularly – and posting good quality, planned content – will give you far more credibility with your audience than ad-hoc activity. This credibility translates into the ‘know, like and trust’ feelings that make people want to do business with us. Think of it as the equivalent to being a household brand – people recognise you and that can only be a good thing.


Hopefully I’ve encouraged you to spend some time planning your social media activity. I promise it will all feel far less overwhelming once you’ve invested some time and then it may still be just something on your to-do list but it’s got some quality thinking behind it.


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