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Are you using social media for your small business but you’re just not sure what to post.¬†

  • No one seems to be engaging with your content.
  • You feel like you’re going round and round and posting the same thing or
  • You struggle to come up with ideas¬†

With so many articles like this one saying ‘nearly half of the world‚Äôs population using social media platforms’¬† it can¬†feel overwhelming thinking about what to post on social media to get your business noticed.¬†¬†

Thats why I want to outline 5 questions to ask when you’re thinking about what to post on social media

The first important step is to switch your thinking around. Instead of thinking about what to post on social media and how to get engagement try stepping back and asking these five questions to help you come up with ideas:

1 Goals. 

Take some time think about why you’re on social media. What is it you’re aiming for? When you first start out the biggest thing you should be thinking about is ‚Äėbrand awareness‚Äô. In other words making sure people know¬†

  • who you are and¬†
  • what your business is¬†

If that’s your first goal, then you should be posting content that’s going to let people know about you and what your products and services are.

2.How Can I Help

When trying to figure out what to post on social media, instead of thinking about how to get engagement, think about how you can help

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Why are you trying to reach them?¬†
  • What is it that you provide that can help them reach their own business goals?

3.How can I get to know my audience better?

If the last question was tricky then this one’s going to be important for you.

It might be that you to get to know your audience better to help establish what you should be posting on Social media. Think about what they’re asking.

  • What questions you’re seeing?
  • What are the comments you’re getting on the post you already made?


  • if you’re not getting much from them, then ask.¬†

Create some posts that specifically ask.¬† For example, if you designing a new product, create a post saying I’m thinking about doing colour type a or colour type b. Which do you prefer?¬†

That’s a great way to get some feedback directly from your audience.

People like to be involved in the process

Remember to switch your thinking around.  Instead of thinking or assuming you know actually ask the audience and get to know.

4. What posts provide value. 

Think about what you post. You don’t have to give it all away but think about posting something that’s going to help your client.¬†

Based on number 3 above Рthink about what you know about them.  How can you reach them at the right moment in their journey? 

 If your audience are asking something that you can answer really quickly then by all means provide that value

 If you sell a product 

  • show them how they can use it¬†
  • show them how there’s a different way perhaps they haven’t thought about


5. What do my audience need? 

Last but not least, bring it all together. Have a think about what you’re trying to achieve when you post on Social Media.

How you can give your audience what they need?

What are your audience telling you?

Bring it together and think about what your audience is looking for at that moment. What is it that you can actually put together and provide to them right now.  

Whether it’s a simple ‘how to’ or it’s something longer. Let them know how your product or service can help them in their journey.¬†


Turn the questions around

I hope that’s helped¬† – try switching your thinking around when deciding what to post on social media.¬†

Rather than thinking “what should I do?” – take a step back to think about what your audience are asking and how you can provide value for them.¬† Providing that value to your audience will give them a reason to follow, engage and get to know you better.

At the end of the day getting to know, like and trust the person behind the brand is what it’s about on social media¬†

That’s who’s going to become your audience and buy from you in future.

Ready to take the next steps?¬† ¬†I’d recommend reading some of my other blogs including “Why you should have a Social Media Strategy for Your Small Business¬†or, if you’re ready to get going then follow the link below to book a FREE 15min consultation with me.



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