I may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post but I only ever recommend things I use and love myself.

I have a terrible memory – which was the the biggest problem for me as a business owner before I discovered Searchie.

My audience asks me fantastic questions all the time. After answering them individually, I generally make a short training video in my Facebook group so I can share the answer if others have the same question. 

But – ask me the same question a few months later and I can’t remember – or can’t find – the original video. So I find myself creating it from scratch again

Then I discovered Searchie..


What is Searchie?

Searchie is a way to manage all your video content – be that your digital course, membership or online coaching calls. 

Created by Stu McLaren who also previously founded WishList Member, Searchie.io has everything an online business owner needs to host video, audio and written content. 

Just a quick disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Searchie – to be clear, that does not affect what I share below in any way, I am a big fan of Searchie and use it regularly in my business. It does mean that if you purchase Searchie through my link I get a small commission


5 key ways Searchie is an amazing tool for owner managed businesses


1.Easy to use 

I like to think I’m quite tech savvy so have been more than happy to delve in and learn how to use WordPress, Membervault  and – well – pretty much any tools out there!  But you really don’t need to have any technical abilities when it comes to Searchie.  With built-in drag and drop features and an intuitive layout I challenge anyone to figure it out easily.  


2. User focussed

One of the other site I use in my business encouraged me to set up an introductory video showing users how to find their way around and where to find the information they are looking for. With Searchie, my clients see content tailored to what they need most, and are able to use a search bar to narrow in on the EXACT information they need.  I still do an introductory video but the focus is about how the content helps rather than where to find it


3. Built in Automation

What business owner doesn’t want to save time in their business?

Perhaps you do 1-2-1 coaching calls on Zoom.  Do you share that call with your clients after?  Do you have problems as the files are so large?  If you’re like me – you tried out lots of options – sharing via Dropbox, sending a file via WeTransfer  etc..    That is of course if you remembered to hit the record button in the first place (we’ve all been there)

Luckily Searchie has a direct integration with Zoom (and lots of other video sites) so you can be sure all your calls are recorded – and your client can access (and search) the recording within a couple of minutes of the call ending!

 4. Create digital products in an organised ‘hub’

Given that co-founder Stu Mclaren  is an industry leader when it comes to membership sites it’s no surprise that Searchie has a whole section (Searchie hubs) designed with courses and memberships in mind.  With capability to create playlists,  highlight new content and tailor content to audience segments alongside search functionality and a direct Canva integration –  it’s super easy to create video centric digital products with minimum effort.


5. Unlimited use cases

When it comes to Searchie the only limitation is your imagination.  I’ve seen people use Searchie for all kinds of things including

  • repurposing videos into a blog
  • Hosting coaching calls
  • Creating a list builder
  • Creating a sales page 
  • Creating a website
  • Creating podcasts

Infact Searchie themselves created a brilliant blog  ‘6 ways to use Searchie’ – check it out for other ideas. 



I’m using Searchie for my own free training hub and have moved all my online courses on to it from Membervault but, as I’ve outlined above, it’s far more than just a course hosting platform.  The way people are consuming video and audio content is changing so now is the perfect time to jump in before you and your clients get left behind.

Want to get an idea of what a Searchie site can look like?

Come and check out my own – built on Searchie –  training hub.  Full of useful hints, tips and demos related to social media

You’re guaranteed to learn something new

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