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Everywhere you look the importance of video content is being extolled..  Just take a look at this article to see how many marketing trends for 2022 involve video.

But keeping track of, and repurposing, all those videos can be time consuming and difficult.


That’s where the power of Searchie comes in…     

First off, a quick disclaimer: I am an affiliate for Searchie – to be clear, that does not affect what I share below in any way, I am a big fan of Searchie and use it daily in my business. It does mean that if you purchase Searchie through my link I get a small commission

What is Searchie?

Searchie is a way to manage all your video content – be that your digital course, membership or online coaching call. 

Created by Stu McLaren who also previously founded WishList Member, Searchie.io has everything an online business owner needs to host video, audio and written content. 

Searchie is the world’s first search engine for video content, and that feature alone creates an incredible user experience for your customers. 

There are so many reasons to use Searchie even if you don’t have a course or membership site.


Why I chose Searchie over MemberVault 

There are a lot of reasons how business owners could benefit from using Searchie (you can read my blog here for more information) but specifically compared to Membervault my top reasons are:


1. It’s more that ‘just’ a course platform

I originally discovered Membervault when I created my first online course but over time it didn’t help with managing all the other videos I made – Facebook lives, coaching sessions and guest interviews. I had a lot of video content that I wasn’t making the most of.


2. It’s easy to set up 

Granted there are ALOT of help articles and a fab community to reach out to when setting up MemberVault but – with Searchie – the whole layout is way more intuitive.   You can select to automatically import video from your preferred source (Zoom, Facebook, Dropbox,… ) or record directly into the platform using the built- in tool (if you use Loom it’s kind of the same!).  You’ll need to create a ‘hub’ in Searchie to host a course or membership but again the drag and drop style options make this super easy.


3. It saves me so much time!

It’s important to make all your videos accessible and I used to use a third party tool (Kapwing) to add captions to all my files before uploading them. Now – I’ve eliminated that step completely because the first thing Searchie does when importing a video is add subtitles (captions) and provides a transcriptions. If it works for your business this can easily be repurposed into a blog too.




What are the drawbacks?

As a relatively new platform they do roll out changes relatively frequently – I personally love this as I’ve seen them ask and incorporate user feedback really quickly but I appreciate this doesn’t suit everyone.

Price wise it’s the entry level for Searchie is higher that Membervault but, when you build in the time and potential cost savings of not having to use other 3rd party tool I think it’s worth it.



This article has really only scratched the surface of why I love using Searchie.  Yes I’m moving my courses over but the extra functionality of Searchie means I can embrace the trend towards video content and create other revenue streams for my business




If you’d like to see what a Searchie site can look like follow this link to sign in to my free training hub

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