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Two billion…

……a month 

….that’s how many people use Facebook every month to connect with friends and family.  (nearly 2.5billion at the end of 2019*) 

This, and the fact that 75% of users spend on average 20 minutes per day on the platform, explains why over 65 Million businesses use Facebook pages.  

So, whether you already love Facebook or have been avoiding it as much as I used to, it’s undeniable that having a presence on Facebook should be a key part of your marketing plan.  

In this article, I’ll give you an introduction to setting up a page effectively and list steps you can take to grow your followers organically

Used correctly you can find new and existing customers on Facebook and they all want to know more about YOUR business.

4 Key steps to setting up a Facebook Page

Often overlooked, its important to take time and make sure you optimise ALL the sections of your Facebook page. Take your time at this stage to make sure you’ve done as much as possible:

  1. Include your logo or a professional-looking photo of yourself as your profile picture
  2. Add a cover photo, video or slideshow.
    • Whichever you choose make sure they are the right size, high quality and relevant to you and your business
  3. Update the about tab as fully as possible.
    • Include as many contact details as possible
    • Don’t forget to use the ‘our story’ section to document the story behind your business (Note with the rollout of the new FB mid 2020 this section is not longer on the home page).
  4. Make sure your followers know what you sell
    • Use the shop tab to list product or 
    • Showcase your services on the service tab

Now its time to get social.

10 Steps to build a Killer Facebook page

At this stage everyone is super keen to grow an audience but, just as you would in face to face interactions, don’t go overboard.

Think about when where and how it’s most appropriate to start mentioning your business page. Start building a community and humanising your brand through the following steps:

  1. Share your page on your personal newsfeed

I DON’T RECOMMEND inviting everyone to like your page – although your friends and family are likely to be interested in your business they’re unlikely to be your biggest clients!

I think its better to take time to put a post on your personal page telling your friends about your business and asking them to forward to any of their contacts who may be interested. That way you should end up with a much more relevant following right from the beginning (along with few of your extra nosey relatives!)

  1. Join relevant groups

By posting as your Page in groups relevant to your business, you can reach people interested in what you do and increase your Page following. If you don’t find any suitable groups, you can create your own to build a community and increase engagement with your business Page.

  1. Share your page outside Facebook

If you have a website for your business, add a link to your Facebook Page there. Do you produce other marketing materials or a blog post?  Make sure that everyone who might want to follow your Page sees it.

  1. Maintain an active community

If people come to your Page and see that it’s active, they are more likely to like your Page and engage with the existing community. You can also use Page Insights to see when your followers are most active online and what kind of content attracts the most engagement, then tailor your content accordingly.

  1. Keep your customers updated with stories, posts and events.

Don’t always post sales type posts – people like to know the human element. Include behind the scenes information or highlight employees regularly. 

  1. Gather feedback 

Page ratings and reviews can help build trust and credibility for your business.

When people write a review, they can choose whether or not to recommend your Page. When they publicly recommend you in a group or to their friends, it will appear on your Page where everyone can see it.

  1. Offer customer service through Messenger.

On top of making sure you respond to comments on your posts it’s worth offering your clients the options of contacting you through messenger.

  1. Encourage transactions 

Schedule appointments,  take reservations or direct people to videos about your products using call-to-action buttons.

  1. Keep your products/services list up to date.

Easily overlooked but make sure your page is as up to date as possible.  I recommend scheduling a review on a regular basis.

  1. Post about open jobs.

If someone is following your page they are already interested in your business and might just be waiting for a job opening to come up.

Finally – this quote directly from Facebook is worth reading… twice.

 ENGAGE Your Customers and INFLUENCE Your Prospects

When you engage with your customers by providing useful content, they become your brand ambassadors. When this happens, something powerful occurs on Facebook….Influence. Your brand ambassadors will SHARE your content with their friends thereby influencing them to Like your page or better yet, become aware of your business or products.

I’d love to hear from you if you found any of these tips super helpful or if there are any you think I missed. Come and find me – on my Facebook page of course!


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