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What’s the best way to grow your Instagram account following right now?  


Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri has made it clear that Instagram Reels are their top priority for 2022 but – if you’re still in any doubt – take a look at this screenshot of my Instagram insights – can you see that the majority of the reach for my Reels was from accounts not currently following me?   Check it out on your own account if you’ve made at least one Reel already and let me know what you find.

…. Just think of the possibilities.


But –  a lot of businesses aren’t sure WHAT to post so, in this blog, I’m sharing 10 Reels content ideas that you can steal and make yourself today – take a look,  have a go for yourself and watch your Instagram account grow!

Let’s get started.


Ready to Grow Your Biz Using Instagram Reels?

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10 ideas for Instagram Reels for your business

1. Talking Head Tip

The first Instagram Reels idea for business is probably the easiest and simplest to make.

It is a “talking head” tip – just film yourself on camera sharing a tip in 30 seconds or less. That’s it.

Make it more interesting by switching angles and adding fun effect and don’t forget to add the key points as text.

2. Get to Know Me

The second Instagram Reel content idea for business is a “get to know me” video.

This type of Reel is pretty easy – and fun to make, too.

To start, find a song you like in Reels. Try choosing a song with a good, fun beat.

Then, you’re going to film yourself smiling or dancing to the music.

After filming, when you’re editing your Reel, I encourage you to add text on screen that shares a bit of personal information about you.

Here are some ideas of things you could share in your own version:

  • How you got started in your business
  • How you got your very first customer
  • Why you chose to have the business that you have today
  • Special interests that you have
  • Fun facts about yourself

Go ahead and share something personal and make sure you add text of the key points. in your recording. 

People will love to see the professional and personal side of you!

Take a look at Nicole’s example on the left for inspiration.

3. Lip sync 

This one can be really fun. 

Use a soundtrack of someone else talking from another Reel (click to save the track to your own music selection).

Now play the clip in your own Reel and lip sync in time – it might take a few attempts to get it right but it will be worth it.

Pro tip:  If I was doing this again I would add some text so if people are watching without sound they have an idea of whats happening


4. Behind the Scene

Whichever type of content format you’re creating – people LOVE to see what goes on behind the scene – it’s human nature to be nosey after all!

When it comes to Reels there are so many different ways you can do this.

  • Show people what your workspace looks like
  • Record a timelapse of your creation process 

Have a look at this Reel Catherine shared – not only is she sharing a really useful tip but you can see how she has set up her shoot – inspiration for your own product shoots perhaps?

6. Book Club

The sixth Instagram content idea for Reels is what I call “book club.”


If you are an avid reader, or maybe you’re reading a book right now for fun, an easy Reel that you can make is simply showing off a book that you’re currently reading, or maybe it’s a collection of books that you have found to be super helpful to grow your business.

Go ahead and try this one out  – and if you look at Faye’s example to the right you can see how clever transitions can make a big difference

5. Use on-trend music to share a tip

The fifth Reel idea is about using fun music to share your message.

The idea is to find a clip of music that has a good beat or relevant lyrics.

Then, film yourself dancing to the beat and either clicking, pointing or shaking your finger in time to the beat.

That’s it.

When you edit the video add your key points on the same music beats 

Like in the example to the left where I’m making use of the repeated use of the word ‘NO’ to dispel some myths about reels.:

7. Screen Recording

The seventh Reel idea for business is called “screen record”  and the clue is in the name.

There are lots of different things you could screen record such as:

  • Show off your website
  • Do a quick demo of a social media feature

Add some music and some text to reinforce the reason for your Reel.

Take a look at this reel from Alice showing you how to set up 2 factor authentication on Instagram

(PS please make sure you do this if you haven’t already!)

8. Use the built-in filters.

I could literally write another looooonng list of different ways to use the filter options in Instagram (watch this space…) but for now, have a scroll through and think about how you could use filters to :

  • Use a speech bubble for what you’re thinking
  • Add interest to your ‘talking head tip’ by colouring your hair or adding different backgrounds.
  • Or try out the ‘photo booth’ filter as I have below to highlight 4 key points

9. Current Events

The ninth content idea for Instagram Reels is commentary on a current event.

For this one, you’re going to want to use the “green screen” effect from Instagram.

The first step is to open your phone, look at the news and find a headline or news article that’s related to your industry. Take a screenshot of the article with the headline.

In Instagram Reels, select the green screen effect and pull up the screenshot of the article so that it’s showing up behind you.

Then, record yourself, sharing your thoughts about the headline.

With this type of Reel, you want to share your position on the news items 

– do you agree?

– is your take a bit controversial?

Whatever it is, this is going to be a really great way for you to differentiate yourself from others in your market.

10. Remix an existing Reel

The 10th Reel idea for business is making use of the built in ‘remix’ feature

This can be a great way to create a collaboration with someone – if you see a Reel you can add to – hit the 3 dots at the bottom right to find the ‘remix this reel’ option

This is a great example from Danielle that all Small businesses can join in with.

Here’s my version of the remix I did myself

So there you have it.

10 Reels content ideas for business that will keep you busy.

I promise that if you take the time to experiment with Instagram Reels, chances are your Reel is going to get way more reach than any other piece of content that you’ve created for Instagram.

If these ideas have whet your appetite and you’re read to see your Instagram account explode then check out my other blog ‘How to Create Instagram reels that demand attention” 

Have fun and do tag me @LightSocialUK when you make your own Reel.

Ready to Grow Your Biz Using Instagram Reels?


If you’ve read this list and wonder just how you make your own Reels – then check out my super helpful on demand video Light Bite training.

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