My geeky side just can’t be hidden sometimes…


I absolutely love experimenting with new technology and have been known to lose track of time while immersing myself in exploring – or simply having fun  -with a cutting-edge application. I understand that sometimes people might zone out when I get animated about something I’ve recently discovered, but I simply can’t help myself at times! The tech industry is evolving at such a rapid pace (hello AI 👋), and since the right tools can completely streamline our lives, I thought I’d share a handpicked assortment of tools that I currently use – or have used – in my own business.

Perhaps now is the perfect opportunity for you to take a peek and see if any of these gems might work wonders for you too. And if you’re uncertain about anything, trust me, I am always – and I mean ALWAYS – thrilled to discuss them in detail!

* Some of the links below are affiliate links but I genuinely use and love all these tools and am more than happy to answer questions or help you if you’re not sure or are stuck with any of them


Membership, Course, Landing Page, and Video Content Tool

Searchie is definitely at the top of my list – I think its a fantastic tool for all kinds of businesses. It’s a powerful yet easy-to-use platform for hosting and effectively delivering video and audio content. Allow your clients to search video by keyword, download transcripts and other relevant documents and tailor video playlists to suit their exact needs.    I can get a bit over-excited by what you can achieve using Searchie.  Talk to me if you use Video to share your knowledge online


Email Marketing Tool

Email marketing goes hand in hand with Social media and I encourage everyone to start building a list as soon as possible.  In term of the best tool for that?  For me MailerLite stands out for its affordable pricing plans and user-friendly interface making it easy to create templates and automation easily.


Audio and video editing tool that makes editing as easy as a word doc

I’m a relative newcomer to Descript and it did take a while to forget my ‘limited’ knowledge in other editing tools as Descript kind of tore up the rule book and started again.   In some ways you can think of Descript as powerpoint for video.  I use it to fine tune my training videos – you can upload or record directly in Descript. Instantly transcribe your file. Edit out filler words and silent gaps with a single click (this is ahmazingly good!) and use some of the inbuilt templates to create social media friendly clips.  I could go on..   


Web based task management tool

If you’re looking for a tool to help get you more organised then Trello is a great place to start.

Based on the concept of cards to represent tasks you can colour code,  move tasks and collaborate really easily with Trello.  I sometimes use Trello boards with clients to collaborate and share ideas but I use ClickUp to run my own business processes.


Task and project management tool

Project Marketed as ‘the one app to replace them all’ ClickUp can be overwhelming when you first start to use it but –  for me – the ability to have one tool for everything such as contact management,  Business process mapping and daily to-do lists is ideal.  I often have different ‘views’ of the same underlying data depending on what I’m doing.

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